Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?

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hemp oil vs cbd oil


With marijuana slowing carving out legalization wins in U.S. state after state, the interest in all things cannabis and hemp is also on the rise.

A byproduct of the hemp plant is cannabidiol, most often called CBD. Sales of this plant extract are soaring along with an array of claims about what this stuff can do to improve your life.

Hemp oil is also experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity. Ironically, part of the reason for the rise of hemp oil is that many people believe it is the same thing as CBD. Does hemp oil do the same as CBD oil?

The answer is no, absolutely not. The very proposition of hemp oil vs CBD oil is a false dichotomy because these substances are intended for different uses and have different properties.


CBD Oil is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Please note that cannabis and hemp are both the same species of plant. This is there a lot of confusion is created. Yes, cannabis is hemp. However, hemp is more narrowly defined as any cannabis plant that has .03% or less of a substance called THC. That’s the psychoactive element within cannabis that gets people high.

CBD can be made from both hemp and cannabis, but these are two different types of CBD. The CBD made from hemp contains no THC. CBD made from cannabis may contain THC and have the same psychoactive effect as marijuana. Hemp CBD oil is legal everywhere because it is not a drug that can get you high. CBD that contains THC is only legal in states where it is legal to buy the marijuana you smoke or eat.


It is more accurate to call hemp oil “hemp seed oil” because it is extracted from hemp seeds usually employing a cold-press process. There is no CBD in hemp oil. By contrast, CBD is made from the leaves, stems and flowers of cannabis plants, but not the seeds of cannabis.

This makes it easier to see that hemp oil and CBD are two entirely different things. Thus, does hemp oil do the same as CBD oil? It does not. It’s easy, then, to see that the hemp oil vs CBD oil debate is really not a debate at all because they are not the same thing and they are used for different purposes.

The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is easy to understand when you look just a bit deeper into how each substance is produced and take a closer look at the different uses of each.


Hemp oil is used for cooking, as a skincare product, as a hair product, as a lubricant and even for things like treating boot and shoe leather. Using hemp for cooking, mixing it into a smoothie or taking it as a supplement has numerous benefits because of its excellent nutritional profile. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and contains an array of antioxidants.

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Many claims abound about the condition it can treat or the painful conditions it can eliminate but that’s an issue beyond the scope of this article.

However, millions of people enjoy using CBD for the benefits they believe they derive from it. Perhaps the most popular form is buying CBD in small bottles with a dropper that instructs the user to place drops under the tongue.

An increasingly popular use of CBD is for vaping. CBD is sometimes combined with melatonin to produce melatonin + enhanced CBD enhanced inhalers. A similar product is b12-enhanced CBD inhalers. Yet another popular application of CBD comes in a roll-on bottle format that’s a balm or cream for the skin.


The difference of CBD oil and hemp oil is important to understand before you spend your hard-earned money on a product, only to discover you have made that classic “Darn, I purchased the wrong kind!” mistake.

The key is to check the product label. If you want to special benefits of CBD, make sure that CBD is listed in the ingredients. If you buy something billed as hemp oil, you can be certain you are not buying a CBD product. You can also ask questions of retailers or reps who sell the product. They’ll be happy to explain to you the specific difference of CBD oil and hemp oil.

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