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How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

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Have you been wanting to try CBD oil, but worried about the effects? Not sure how it’s going to make you feel? Wonder no more. Read on to find out what it actually makes you feel like and see that it’s not bad at all.


Before you order up your first batch of CBD oil, CBD gummies, inhalers, or tinctures, take a look at these few things you should know before your first dose.

Always buy from a trusted source

You can find these products in so many different places nowadays. But, is it ok to buy CBD oil from the market, or someone on the street? Not really. You don’t know what the composition is and how it was prepared.

Make sure you always buy from a trusted CBD oil company. You will find them with a quick search on the internet and see which ones are legitimate.

Take the correct dosage

When you first receive your item, be careful how you use it. We usually say that you should try out with just a little, less than 10mg, and see how that makes you feel. You can always try a little more for your next dose. 

Don’t overdo it, though. The maximum we recommend is between 10-20mg. 

Use it sensibly

No one has died from CBD use, but if you use too much you can make yourself feel ill. That’s no fun for anyone, is it? Try to use it for the purpose you bought it for and nothing else.


Well, great! If you are abiding by the guidelines and sticking to a respectable dosage, you will feel awesome. Do you suffer from some kind of chronic pain? Or maybe anxiety? The oil can be used for so many kinds of illnesses and feelings to make you much better.

It is even being used to cure and is said to have done so, a few autoimmune diseases out there, like cancer. So, you can only imagine the kind of incredible effects it can have.

A few of the more common ways people tend to report of feeling are:


  • Doesn’t make you high
  • Will relax you
  • Relieves pain quickly
  • Makes you less anxious
  • Very few or no side effects
  • Creates a calmness

If you are going to experience any side effects, they are little to none. The first few times you may feel slightly drowsy, but it doesn’t do much else. And this soon fades once your body gets used to it.


No, not really. It’s all-natural and has no toxic side to it. It’s a safe way to get you back to the real you and feeling great again. No overdose has ever been recorded, however, too much can make you nauseous and feel rough.

There are no psychotic effects like you get with THC. In fact, it’s quite the opposite in many ways and instead of maybe giving you the feeling of paranoia and being anxious, it can calm these.

When you are seriously thinking about giving it a go, check if it interacts with any other medications you are taking. It shouldn’t do, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Every person will react differently, which is why we recommend such a small amount to start with.


So, the consensus on CBD is that it makes you feel wonderful, and has very few if any, negative aspects to it. All we say is that you buy CBD oil from a trusted CBD oil company and know where it comes from. Don’t be afraid to ask the source where it’s from and how it’s made to give yourself some reassurance.


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