The Difference Between Essential Oils and CBD Oil

You might have heard of both CBD oil and essential oils in your search for more healing options. Both of these have become extremely popular for consumer use in recent years, but they are not necessarily one and the same. Deciding whether or not to use essential oils, CBD oils or a combination of both is important for anyone interested in the healing properties of both of these compounds and products.

essential oils vs cbd oil

What Is CBD Oil and What Are Its Benefits?

The benefits of taking CBD oil vary from person to person, but many people who begin to use CBD oil for the first time notice the benefits immediately. Regular usage at a small dosage is recommended for at least a few weeks before making adjustments. CBD oil can provide benefits like relaxation and an overall calming effect. 

What Are Essential Oils and What Are Their Benefits?

There are many different benefits to using essential oils as they are a form of aroma therapy. Furthermore, some essential oils can be ingested with proper dilution and are also appropriate for topical use. These can be used for stress management, simply enjoying the pleasing scent or addressing an array of different health situations.

Which Is Better for You?

CBD oil is a lot like an essential oil and that it is derived from plants and has been used for many years for wellness and healing. It triggers a mild sense of relaxation and does not trigger euphoria and anxiety or a high. There are two primary ingredients and properties that make up the medicinal properties of CBD oil. Many essential oils can be used for a broad range of ailments. Some essential oils like rosemary share similar terpene profiles to the copaiba oil. Copaiba essential oil is found throughout South America and has been the subject of a recent scientific exploration with regard to anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial wound healing. The terpene content is what drives the medicinal properties inside copaiba and CBD oil has a much higher healing ability.

How Are CBD Oil and Essential Oil Produced?

Essential oils are mostly harvested through expression known as cold pressing or distillation. The most common method for extracting CBD, however, is solvent extraction, since some of the plant material is very fragile and requires an additional method for distilling the oil.

Where You Can Purchase CBD And Essential Oils?

Both CBD and essential oils can be found at many different brick and mortar retailers. However, you might be buying CBD oil for yourself or for your dog and will get the biggest deals and breadth of options by purchasing CBD oil online.


How does CBD oil interact with essential oils?

CBD oil can be used in conjunction with certain essential oils, but you should always speak to your health and wellness provider before deciding on the right combination for yourself.

Does CBD oil work in a diffuser?

A few drops of CBD oil can be added to an aroma therapy diffuser to enjoy enhanced benefits with aroma therapy. Diluting CBD essential oil with a carrier oil means that it can also be applied directly to the skin.

How long a CBD oil good after opening?

Appropriate storage methods are critical for protecting your CBD oil. Your CBD oil has a shelf life of up to 2 years if kept in the dark at room temperature. Take care of your CBD oil to extend the shelf life.