CBD Oil in Los Angeles: How and Where to Get It


cbd oil los Angeles

In 2019, CBD Oil is everywhere. It’s in coffee beans, it’s skincare products, and it’s even in dog treats, because apparently CBD isn’t just good for humans, it’s also great for pets. Unsurprisingly, the biggest reason behind this exponential growth in the consumption of cannabidiol is its health benefits. 

CBD oil offers a host of health benefits for both pets and humans. CBD oil has been medically proven to help relieve joint and muscle pain, ease nerves, help with anxiety, promote recovery and improve overall health. 


Okay, you need this in your life (you and me both). But where exactly can I find CBD Oil in Los Angeles and are there any strings attached?

Can I Buy CBD Oil Products in Los Angeles?

Before you jump the gun and go out looking for CBD Oil products in the United States, you might want to ensure whether or not you can get CBD oil products in your particular state. As for, Los Angeles, it’s complicated.

CBD oil products are still “forbidden without a doctor's prescription” in the United States BUT they are being sold in huge numbers, especially in Los Angeles because Cannabis is legal in Los Angeles. But even lawmakers in California understand the medicinal benefits of CBD oil and are thus pushing for “bipartisan legislation to sidestep federal law and allow sales of the compound found in hemp and marijuana.” to get rid of this “forbidden” tag. 

But does “forbidden without a doctor's prescription” mean you cannot buy CBD oil products in Los Angeles? Not really.

Because cannabis is legal, law enforcement in Los Angeles has a “hands-off” approach when it comes to cannabis-related products. In other words, you can buy CBD oil products in Los Angeles. 

Physical Stores vs. Online Stores?

Even though you might not face any hassles from law enforcement for having CBD oil products on you, there’s a different problem - supply. Because CBD oil is still technically “forbidden without a doctor's prescription”, stores selling these products are under the federal radar and often get raided. Because of this physical stores selling CBD oil products can be hard to find in Los Angeles as many move operations to a different state.

The solution? Online stores!

Why bother running around Los Angeles trying to find CBD oil and getting stressed (the irony) when you can sit at home, order your favorite CBD oil product at home, and relax? 

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So there you have it, folks. If you’re in Los Angeles and looking for CBD Oil products, then GetCherryCBD.com is where you’ll find them.