Buying CBD Oil In Arkansas

In 2017, the Southern state passed The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act. Since then, residents can enjoy the natural remedies of CBD. Before rushing to buy cannabinoid oil in Arkansas, though, it helps to know the guidelines.

It’s best to know what regulations the state follows. It’s also important to be aware of the best places to get CBD oil. Conscious outlets will serve quality products that do the job; whether they are traditional brick and mortar stores or online retailers, you are sure to find products that meet your needs.


Arkansas allows the sale of cannabinoid oil as long as it contains less than .3% of THC. How easy it is to get depends on if the CBD derives from cannabis (marijuana) or hemp.

CBD-derived cannabis
A doctor’s prescription is necessary. To get a prescription, someone has to have a condition that warrants a medical need for cannabinoids. A patient can’t legally get a prescription to use cannabinoids if they are under the age of 18.
CBD oil derived from hemp
If CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it’s available to buy as an over-the-counter medicine. Its legal regulations are far more lenient than other forms of cannabis. Hemp cultivation in Arkansas has been legal since 2014. If CBD comes from hemp, it’s legal to purchase and use on Arkansas territory.

Where to Buy

Businesses that create products containing cannabinoids are the best. Check the reputation of the company to make sure they only use natural ingredients.

Local dispensaries are growing in popularity, and the number of cannabis-related businesses in Arkansas grows every year. This makes it simple to find a great store near home.

Another great option is to buy online. This allows you to buy a variety of products and flavors. Customers can be confident with their purchases based on reviews and credentials.

Best Methods to Ingest Cannabinoids

An inhaler or vape pen is easy to use and valued for its portability. Many advocates like the sensation of smoking without ingesting added harsh chemicals. The effects are felt immediately.
Using a tincture allows you to drop CBD oil beneath your tongue, and this is one of the quickest ways to ingest cannabinoids. Quick absorption into the bloodstream means that CBD effects are felt almost instantly.

These delicious edible snacks don’t just sweeten the taste buds. They pack enough CBD to last most of the day. Gummies are easy to find and fun to take, making them a popular option amongst avid CDB users.

Final Thoughts

Buying cannabis-related products in Arkansas is easier today than it ever was before. As the industry grows, so does the quality of the products. The cannabinoid business brings a more natural alternative with fewer side effects than pills.